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April 2016

Engagement Photos.... should you or shouldn't you?  When we posed the question to our sales team, Mandy was the first to answer using her own experience as her guide.  Here is what she had to say:

There are many reasons why you should take engagement photos.  They are not a necessity, but in my opinion they should be.  Being able to capture the love and excitement that you have leading up to your wedding day is something that you will cherish forever. 

By having engagement photos taken it can help you to establish a relationship with your photographer before the big day.  Getting to know your vendor before the wedding day will help you to relax throughout the process and on the day of.  Personally, I know my photographer studied how my husband and I interacted during our engagement shoot and used that to help make our wedding photos magical. 

Engagement photos will help you and your significant other to feel confident in yourself and your choice of photographer.  You can choose your favorite photo(s) and use them to announce your wedding or decorate your home.

The reasons as to why you should have engagement photos taken are endless.  Most importantly, the memories from that day will last you forever. 

March 2016

March seems to be the month for Galas and Fundraisers.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and it's still a little ways away from Spring and all the outdoor activities.  When it comes to Gala's and Fundriasers, Mallozzi's has so much to offer between all the different facilities and the opportunity to go off premise as well.  But when planning your Gala or Fundraiser, there is so much you need to do in order to have a successful event.  Planning and organization are the key!  When asked of our sales team what they felt was most important, these are some of the advice they came up with:

1.  Have a committee first.  You can't have a successful event with just one person running the show, it's too much work.  Ask for volunteers to join the committee and then start your planning phase.

2.  Come up with a theme.  Whether it's Spring in Paris or Dr. Suess, there are so many themes and ideas that you can have fun and be creative with!  Spring in Paris could be combined with a fashion show.  Find a great local designer who is willing to show his or her designs as part of your entertainment.  It's fun for the guests and it's a great way for the designer to get their name out there. 

3.  Create a budget.   Come up with a realistic goal for your ticket price, what will people pay comfortably and still have money to spend on raffles and auction items.  Decide if you want to do live entertainment or a DJ.  Figure out what you would like to net from the event and work backwards.

4.  Planning meetings.  Have each memeber of the committee focus on one specific item, for example, one person does the centerpieces, one does the entertainment, another additonal decor, etc.  Pick a venue that fits your theme, if it's a Great Gatsby theme, Mallozzi's Grand Ballroom woudl be the ideal spot.   If it's a Golf Outing fundraiser, check out our great deals at Western Turnpike Golf Course.  Be sure to spread out the responsibilities and always have a bottle of wine on hand to ease the stress at the meetings...

5. Agree to disagree... you will never all agree on everything, so each committee member can have the final say in their "area". 

6.  Have volunteers that are available the day of to help bring in auction items, set up decor and work the registration tables.  Also be sure to have a plan as to how to have the guests pick up thier winnings at the end of the night.  Breakdown is as important as set up.  Be sure to have a group of volunteers that are staying till the end of the event and will help with decor breakdown and additional items.  Many hands make light work.

7.  Stay focused and most of all have fun.  Remember the cause you are doing this for and enjoy it. 

February 2016

Bridal Shows and more Bridal Shows, tis the season!  These are the months to get out and see what there is to offer you.  It's a great opportunity to meet a lot of vendors and get a better feel for what you want for your special day.  We love getting out and meeting new brides! 

This year, our Sales Team decided to do something a little different and we themed our booths to match the look and the feel of the venue that was hosting the Bridal Show.  No more "traditional, same old bridal show booth" for the Mallozzi Team!

Our fist bridal show was at The Crooked Lake House in West Sand Lake.  We went country chic to embrace the rustic feel of the natural wood and ambiance they have to offer.  Over looking the beautiful lake, nesteled in front of the fire place, our wooden farm table was adorned in a burlap runner, tea stained lace, cowboy boots for vases, wooden crates and a wagon wheel.  We finished dressing the booth with an array of fresh flowers from Rizzo's House of Flowers.  Sunflowers, roses and our own Villa Italia cupcakes made a stunning showcase for Mallozzi's and our out of the box booth!

The following weekend our team landed at Sixty State Place and adorned our booth with black, silver and white decor.  A classic wedding look is what we went for with this booth.  Sixty State Place in Albany is one of the premiere off premise catering venues that our Catering Team frequents.  We went clean, simple and let the beauty of the venue speak for itself.  A little splash of satin, twinkle lights, silver candelabras and fresh flowers by Frank Gallo Florist amde us the spot to stop and see what we were all about.   Those tasty Villa Italia cupcake samples may have lured in a few brides too!

Showing off a few different looks, keeps things fresh and also lets the brides know that we can do anything they desire.  Call one of our Wedding Specialists today and see what they can do for you!

January 2016

Happy New Year!  But don't say goodbye to the Holidays quite yet!  January is the best time to host a Holiday Party! Whether it's for your company or your family, nothing is better then an "After Party".  The hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, you aren't stressed trying to get everything done before the big day and ther are so few reasons to get out during the month of January to celebrate anything, so why not plan this years Holiday Party in January 2017!  Great packages available with very competitive pricing, specialty menus available, deals on decor and chances are, your entertainment will probably give you a better price too!  Don't try and cram one more thing into the month of December, this year go "Post Holiday Party" and have something to look forward to in January!  Call and event specialist today and start that party planning now.

December 2015

Tis’ the Season…. Silver & Gold & Diamonds!

Tis the season for shopping, parties, holidays of all kinds and giving…. But most of all, tis the season for engagements!

Surveys have shown, time and time again that December is the most popular month for engagements.  So brides and grooms to be, we are ready for you!  Our new wedding packages are hot off the press!  We’ve created a new wedding menu booklet featuring our VIP vendors to help you with your planning process.  From florists to DJ’s to tuxedos and photographers, there is someone for everyone!   So couples to be,  Congratulations on your engagement and we look forward to seeing you soon!  

A few tips to get you going after your engagement.  You can follow all our steps or just pick and choose what works best for the two of you!

1.    Celebrate! Pop the champagne, the wine, kick the keg or the Pellegrino, what ever your celebratory drink is, let’s celebrate!
2.    Tell the family…..  Reach out to those closest to you, they want to hear this wonderful news from you, not on social media or someone else.  This is great news, lets get it out!
3.    Capture the moment…  take an engagement ring selfie… might sound easier then it is, but capture that sparkle!
4.    Spread the news…. Social media, group text, telephone call list, billboard, newspaper ad, whatever your choice, but get the word out to all your friends that the next step in your life is in motion! Be creative!
5.    Take a few minutes for yourselves, either over dinner, breakfast or afternoon tea… whatever works for you both, and start to discuss ideas and compare notes.  Indoors or outdoors, summer or winter, causal or formal and more.  So many things to discuss.
6.    Enjoy being engaged… this time can become stressful with everyone full of questions and ideas.  It’s ok every now and then to avoid answering someone or finalizing a decision before you’re ready by just simply replying “We’re just enjoying our engagement right now”… It won’t work for too many months, but it will buy you some time!
7.    Set a budget…. What are you comfortable spending?  Is anyone helping you out? Where do you want to be and what is the limit for surprises?  Spend some time on this and prioritize your vendors.  Always wanted a certain venue or photographer?  Get that pricing narrowed down first and then work backwards from there.
8.    Sending our engagement notices or having an Engagement Party?   Start planning!  This should happen within two months of the engagement.  Causal picnic or classy cocktail party, there’s no wrong answer!  
9.    Research! Start researching all your vendors, decorating ideas, favors, dresses, etc.  The internet, Pinterest, Instagam, Facebook, Bridal magazines and Bridal Shows are all great resources…  Get yourself a binder though to capture your ideas and keep them all organized.
10.    Treat yourselves…. A day at the spa for a massage, manicure or pedicure will give you a chance to take it all in and catch your breath… One of the most exciting days in your life is coming soon.. Enjoy the planning process!

Remember Mallozzi’s for all your Wedding Planning needs!

November 2015

Interactive food stations. Sizzling pasta topped with yummy sauces. Lovely Italian oils for dipping. Gelato bars. Espresso stations. These are the exciting twists adding a touch of adventure to today’s weddings.

Some couples lean toward tradition, while others want unique fare with a whimsical twist. Some want a touch of both. They are looking for wedding packages that allow them to choose between different food-and-beverage options and price ranges. Either way, today’s couples play a more active role in planning their receptions.

In the past, the bride would show up with her Mom and say, ‘Here are my favors and place cards.’ Those days are gone. Couples today are more involved. They’re making the wedding about them rather than creating the fairy-tale wedding they thought they should have. They’re looking for new ways of doing things.

Social media, and in particular Pinterest, a photo-sharing website where registrants “pin” their favorites to a “board,” make it easier for brides (85 percent of Pinterest users are women) to find exactly what they want.

“Pinterest is really killing it. It’s giving brides ideas for so many non-traditional things,” says Jennifer Henley, wedding event coordinator for the Mallozzi Group’s wedding catering services at Mallozzi’s Ballrooms in Rotterdam, Treviso by Mallozzi’s in Albany and the Clubhouse at Western Turnpike in Guilderland.

Couples are also cutting back, says Henley, and customizable packages give them a way to get the most for their money. The Mallozzis recently introduced new wedding packages with a variety of great new concepts for every lifestyle and budget. These new packages offer more options and the flexibility to create a personalized package.

“Even before we offered these new packages, we always gave you more for your money. You won’t find a wedding package in the Capital Region that gives you so many offerings,” says Henley.

“We are very customizable because we’re not the huge corporate caterer,” Henley says. “We truly take care of each individual client.”